Shine Studio

Yoga and Wellness Space


What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline handed down from ancient India. A combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and meditation act together to bring the mind, body and soul in closer union. By strengthening our bodies, controlling our breath and calming our minds, we are able to focus our energies and reach our absolute goals with pure intention and open heart. Brought to life in our modern day by T. Krishnamacharya and elaborated upon by B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga has a become a worldwide practice, revered for its ability to hollistically restore health and tranquility. 

New to Yoga?

Have no fear. The Yoga practice is accepting to all shapes and sizes, young and old. Whatever your intention may be, a practice will help you acheive your goals in a personally satisfying way. Whether you are looking to acheive physical strength, lose weight, combat anxiety and depression, or restore peace and tranquility to your life, you will find a home in Yoga.

All classes are suitable for ALL LEVELS of skill and experience, unless otherwise noted on the class description. Please feel free to drop into any class, beginner or advanced. All of our instructors are professionally trained yoga instructors who will provide you with a welcoming, enriching experience, regardless of your experience level. 

Massage Therapy

Becka King, studio owner, is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. Thai massage will be offered at Shine Studio. Please inquire with Becka. For further information about her massage services, please visit her website.